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Smart Remote repeat issues

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I have a newer 4k Samsung model and have the same issues. Pretty sure it's just a Samsung thing they dont know how to fix. Love my TV but will probably go with LG next time. Samsung seems to be going down the tubes with their hardware. I have had Samsung phones for years and seeing the direction they are taking with them it seems they are deliberately holding back to have more products to put out. That is exactly why I don't like apple and I wont accept it from Samsung either.

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I have the same problem. We got our Tv 2weeks ago. I gave up on the remote and use the one on, my smart things app.  I have it for our tv and fridge. 

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I've had the same issue with my 75in TV  . Samsung came out to my house 3 times . They replaced a circuit board inside changed settings inside. Still the same problem. Finally the last time they were here. They replaced the tiny cord that connects the one connect to the TV with a new thick one. So far it's been almost a week and happy to say haven't had a problem. Before it disconnected within a day  

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That’s a really interesting fix...did they give an explanation? I wonder if I can buy one of those replacements. 


Please se update us in a few days if all is still good. 

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They told me the rhino cable is very fragile and if it has sharp bends or is kinked it will break.. I thought it was BS . My TV is still under warranty.  It's worked longer now then it has ever worked . so far so good. 

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I dont know where rhino came from. A typo. I ment the really thin cable.
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I think I might have solved it.
The remote uses infra red to turn the tv on and off it then uses bluetooth to control the other functions.
My understanding is that bluetooth uses a 2.4ghz frequency.  If this is correct then it could be in conflict with my wifi which also uses 2.4ghz frequency.  
I have disabled wifi on the tv and now connect via a cat5 cable to my router.
Since doing this my remote has worked fine, no issues.
Fingers crossed!
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My remote is less than 3 weeks old and I’ve tried everything to reset it I’m at my wits end with it we got the newest tv the QLED and it sucks that the speaker went out in it or something because my remote is blinking red with new batteries and everything 

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