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Smart Hub Deleting Apps

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How do you do a smart hub reset?

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How do you do that?
CarlH Moderator

Hi @Dia3. To reset the Smart Hub, go to Menu > Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub. At this point you will be prompted to enter a PIN. If you have not set one up this will be 0000.

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I've tried resetting smart hub 4 times and I'm still getting the same issue. Any fix for this yet? 

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Likewise.. I loaded in a bunch of new apps that I have never used before.. and it deleted all of them when the TV started up.. I reset over and over.. tried a new account.. that got deleted at startup.. tried creating a new folder.. likewise deleted. This thing just deletes everything.. 


Also no update to the TV which is fairly old now admittedly but this is a serious issue.. It was caused I think by being forced to do a factory reset.. and it has never been the same since. 


this is still happening to me. Keeps deleting Plex and Youtube on myUA55F7100A. Not having this problem on my QA75Q6FNA.

I have tried reseting smarthum and even a full factory reset. still everytime I turn my tv on, the apps are gone. Storage isnt a problem as I havent even used half of the space.

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how this issue was set as solved? I have a UE43J5500 and I got the same issue! I reset the Smart Hub as well and the prolem keeps kick in every time that I turn on the TV. If this will not be fixed by samsung I need to sell my 3 samsung TV's and look for a real alternative..


Hello ,  My samsung too has most of the APPS missing including youtuve and Amazone after the auto updated. Model number is UA46ES7500.  Can someone please help. I have reset the HUB and the whole TV... 

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