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Sky record option not working

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I have just purchased a Q85R and need some assistance.


all is working fine except one small issue.  I have a SKy+ hd box (uk satellite tv/pvr provider) connected via hdmi on the 'one connect' box.  I can control the sky box from the tv remote for all functions (play, pause, guide, channels, planner etc) except 'record'.  When I select SKY via the home button on the smart remote then various options appear on the menu above including a red record button.  However when clicking on this, the recording does not work.  If I use the record button on the original sky remote then it works fine so there is no issue with the sky box itself.  It seems that the command is either not sent or not understood by the sky box.


I removed and re-installed the sky box in the TV setup and selected the correct model (amstrad 895) number by manually selecting in the remote control setup section but the issue persists.  I even tried a few different models to see if that would solve it.


can anyone assist on this ?  I don't want to have to keep the sky remote just for one function!!!  I can't think that the tv is faulty for just one command.


many thanks


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no one can help on this ?


how do I contact samsung support ?

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Hi @Nicks897

It's quite odd for just the Record option to not work. Have you checked if the TV's software is up to date?

You can speak to our Product Specialists on 0333 000 0333 directly if you'd like to run through further steps with them.
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I have a similar problem on Q70R 55 inch purchased two weks ago.


The Samsunung one remote perform all functions on the Sky+ box e.g. power on/off, channel change, guide etc, except 

- Sky record (on the home screen red button) - soft button does nothing

- Sky previous channel - soft button displays existing channel - same as info



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Hi Nicks897


I may have solved your problem. I had a similar issue with my Q70R purchased a few weeks back - could not record Sky from the one remote.




Select the "Colour 1234" button  * 2 until the Tumbwheel pop-up appears

Select the center option "more..." in the Thumbwheel pop-up

On the Samsung pop-up menu move right via Thumbwheel, stop on the "Record " button

Press the "Up" direction on the Thumbwheel (top section) so that the Sky channel info label appears below the Samsumg pop-up menu

Select the "Record" soft button via the Thumbwheel

Sky will record.




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You must first pause the channel you are watching, then select the Home button to return to the main tv home page. Select the Sky option then select the Record option. Return to Sky and your program will now be recording. Press Play to unpause.

It's a bit fiddly but it works. 

Tested on Samsung QE43Q60R TV.

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