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Shortage of bending covers for one-connect cable

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I bought a 55" 'the frame' TV recently. I love it. But...

The instructions are very clear that for any 90 degree turns in the one-connect cable you should use a "bending cover" to prevent damage to the cable from being to severely. From my box to the TV my one-connect requires four right angled turns. But they only provide one bending cover for the TV.

Annoying, but I'll just buy a few more of these "bending covers" (1.5" curved piece of plastic with a groove in it for the cable and stickum on the back to stick to the wall) from samsung.

I spent over an hour contacting and samsung technical support. But nobody can help me! Not even a part number for the thing.

Anybody else have a solution to this problem? I am considering just taping the cable to the wall.


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Is there any progress with finding spare bending covers?

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Anyone find spare bending covers for this one connect cable ? I’ve spoken to Samsung and there spare parts division with no luck.  Is there any third party products that will do the same thing ?

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