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Series link for recorded TV programmes keeps breaking


I have a Samsung 55 inch KS9000 TV.  connected to it is two freesat inputs and an external HDD.


When I add programmes to the schedule it adds in the series link so the next programe is recorded, and after a few days the series link drops out and no longer does it add in any further programmes for anything in my schedule.  any ideas whats going on?


KellyM Moderator

Hey @dinkybluebug,


What software is your TV running on at the moment? Does the series link cut off across all channels and programmes, or just certain ones? 


 The support from samsung has been really appalling.  I spent 30 mins yesterday being told by Samsung support that it wasnt possible to record anything when the tv is in Standby mode. Rediculous.


Im on software versiobn 1165. 


Series link stops working across all programmes.  No idea what is going on.




And also, I put something in the schedule last night, to record a programme on Monday. . This morning it's gone. Completely. Which is really odd. 

New Member

Hey, did you ever solve this? I have a DVD / Recorder that is doing exactly the same thing. After a few days all series links just disappear

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