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Series 9 Curved TV issues

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Just turned on my tv to find a horizontal line across the centre of my tv and now the lower half of the TV is slightly darker...  nothing has hit it, its just strange to find this, i ve tried checking for updates but all is up to the correct version. The tv is a UE55K series 2016.


Many thanks for any help you can give, fairly happy to remove the back and check ribbons, but unsure why they would of moved, is there any motorboard/Tcon checks I can make?


AndrewL Moderator
@NutnboltDave: Is the issue present on all sources? If you have any external devices connected such as a cable/satellite box then please remove any connecting cables from the TV to see if this helps. I also recommend going to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test to see if the line is present here. If it is then please contact Samsung Support directly on 0330 726 74864 to arrange an engineers inspection, or check the link below to find a Support Centre near you (select TV & AV > Television).
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