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Screen mode change when using FreeSync (UE55NU8002)

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When I have Freesync enabled, whether in TV's Game Mode and in AMD drivers (I have Radeon RX 580), then screen mode changes when application enters fullscreen mode.


For example, when I have my resolution set to 1920x1080 and refresh rate to 120Hz (it does not matter which resulution is set, it happens on all of them) and there is NO fullscreen application launched, the screen is in "1920x1080 / 120p HDMI UHD Color" mode. I check this with the big, round button on the pilot. When fullscreen aplication is ON, TV switches to "1920x1080 Freesync 120Hz HDMI UHD Color" mode.

When the mode changes, screen turns black for a second, audio stops. Then, when leaving fullscreen mode, screen turns black and audio stops again. It does not have to be game, it can be a fullscreen youtube video, or a browser in full mode, or a tool that captures screenshots. This can be pretty annoying when application changes fullscreen mode quickly, resulting in a multiple black screens and audio cuts in a short time.


Mode switch, obviously, does not happen when Freesync is disabled in AMD graphics settings, or in TV.


What I have tried:

- multiple AMD drivers (I am currently using the newest ones, 20.2.1),

- reseting TV settings,

- updating TV firmware (was already up to date, firmware version 1290)

- disabling Freesync in AMD graphics global settings and enabling Freesync in game profiles only (so ideally Freesync turns on only when launching games). Unfortunatelly TV does not enable Freesync with those settings.

Is there any way to force TV to use "Freesync" mode only, when Freesync is enabled? This way mode switches wouldn't happen. I also have a Samsung C24F390 monitor that supports Freesync, and there are no mode switches (Freesync mode is always enabled, according to the info panel) when using monitor with Freesync enabled, everything is smooth.




Hey @tockar! Are you still having issues with this or you managed to sort it? 

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Hello, unfortunately I still have this issue.
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