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Screen mirroring from Windows 10 to Samsung UE46F6400 not working, error "The video data is not supported"


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Hello all,


hope you can help me solve this issue.


I've trying to cast my Windows 10 laptop's desktop to my Samsung UE46F6400 Smart TV over a WiFi connection. I have correctly added the TV as a Connected device to my laptop. When I set the TV on "Screen Mirroring" and try to connect the laptop to a wireless display, the laptop shows as "connected" on the TV screens, but after a few seconds of "loading" an error message shows up saying "The video data is not supported".


I can successfully cast my smartphone screen to the same TV with no problem. I can also successfully cast my laptop to a different Samsung TV. I have updated all the drivers on the laptop and the TV runs the latest version of the software.


 Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem? I would be really glad to avoid an HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the TV.

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Dear friend, I am also facing the same problem. Have you found the solution.... If you, the pls help it will be really helpful to me...  I have spent a lot of time on this, regards, 



Hi there,

Unfortunately I did not find any solution. As you can see nobody replied to me from the Samsung support team. 
I use HDMI. Next TV won't be from SAMSUNG for sure. I will go for another company.


Hello Bati,

you can try to lower the resolution of your computer as you with the message "The video data is not Supported" so may be the resolution of your computer is higher than your tv.


I will try it today and get back to you once tested. Thank you.

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How did the testing go, @bati?


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Sorry I have forgotten to describe the results of my tests.
The problem is my laptop 13" has lower screen resolution than my Samsung TV so I coudn't set the same on both devices. That is why - I guess - I received the same information "The video data is not supported" once again.
But thanks anyway.
Maybe someone else can try the same with their laptops. 

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Same problem here and 100x more frustrating since the PC not casting correctly is a Samsung Galaxy Book (Windows 10). It casts perfectly to the LG TV I have in my bedroom but not the Samsung TV in the family room


Setting resolution to 1080p didn’t help at all, hdmi cable does work


Samsung, please help!!



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