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Screen is lighter around edge


Im on my fourth screen due to dark marks (clouding) on screen. My new screen is a week old and i can see dark marks coming but not as bad as before but i know time will change that. However my last screen and now this one also has a lighter colour around edge plus it glows at night when screen is off and when you turn off the screen has white marks on the screen for a few seconds and staying longer as time goes by. My first screen didnt have these issues but did have clouding. I would of thought samsung would of wanted this issue dealt with considering how much trouble im having ive sent emails but im yet to get a reply. I didnt expect samsung would have such poor quality tv's they used to be good whats going on ive read alot of bad reviews since getting these issues.


I also have this issue. Thing is I had bad light bleed at the bottom of the screen and I got a replacement screen, but now have a prominent white bleed at the top of the screen. Its not as uneven but I have OCD and it is making me really unhappy. Samsung gave me such a hard time getting my TV repaired but now I feel they will fob me off saying it is me being oversensitive. Is it really normal to have this problem with every Samsung screen?!

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