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Samsung, you have to introduce dolby vision

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This is ridiculous. DV is taking off and your lack of support does nothung but hurt your customers.

How about you lead the way and put your customers before some ***** fisted marketing strategy? 

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@Benrc: Samsung isn't currently supporting Dolby Vision on their TV's due to the implementation of HDR10+, which optimises HDR10 images without the need for DV. This may change in the future, however there is no news to share at this time.
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Well thats disgraceful. More than half the stuff on Netflix is DV, this is just shutting out customers, and for what?

The opposition seem happy enough to support both. 

Thanks samsung. Thanks a lot. Happy for my support by buying a q9 eh? 

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Superuser I

Hi @Benrc  as @AndrewL  has stated unfortunately Samsung have no current plans to introduce Dolby Vision, however  you have indicated you were aware it was not supported when you purchased the Q9. Samsung are focusing on HDR10+   where dynamic data can be added to each frame      There are differing opinions on the competing formats,  it is true that Dolby Vision is technically superior and capable of producing 12 bit colour but there are virtually no Tv's anywhere that currently support 12 bit.     Rtings  (it is Us site)   but has good overview of all the HDR formats.    Video guide on this site but does not  specifically mention HDR10+




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Can you recommend a good Dolby Vision TV set?

I'm in the market for a new set, and since many other manufacturers are supporting BOTH standards, the lack of support for Dolby Vision rules out your TVs.



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