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Samsung tv what is this?

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I see double, I would say: Restart the TV and hope that it solves it. If not: Do a factory reset. If you still see double on the test screen you might consider bringing it to the warranty if its still covered.
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Hi there thank you for I have tried the factory reset as its the first thing anyone would say. I done the picture test but because the picture is bright and colourful you don't see any small squares you see them more when the tv has a dark or black background. However I was on sky ppv last night watching the boxing and this is when I noticed like what I would say black and Grey squares kinda like cammo effect film over the top of the picture. Now I don't know if it was sky due to the rights to the boxing. But tried watching in ultra hd and the squares became bigger so switched back to just hd hope that all makes sense thanks in advance.

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Superuser I
The reason why I recommend the test screen is that it has the following benefits:
- The quality of external devices (or lack thereof) is not visible.
- Some devices do tend to modify the output.

If it doesn't appear on the test screen my recommendation is to swap out the other devices (TV Reciever with another device with video output that is known to work well on an other TV, and another cable). If this doesn't solve it, attach the cable to another port on the TV and see if this works.
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