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Samsung smart remote showing error”i can’t set this mode”when speak voice command channel(any channel number)

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I had been bought samsung q7f 2 days ago,but when i speak to tv that “channel(number)”it shows “i can’t set that mode”.but other commands like volume up/down,channel up/down is working?

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I have exactly same problem on my freshly bought Samsung UE55NU8042 :(

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Same problen here on a month old UE43NU7400UXXU.  It appears to be a problem with numbers, though probably not limited to.  If I say "Channel 101", (or just "101" which also used to work) then what I said is briefly displayed followed by the error message.  If I say "Volume Up", than that works, but "Volume 6", again briefly displays what I said, then the error message.


Edit:  4 hours after my comments above, and without changing anything at all on the TV, the voice commands started working again.  I can only assume that the problem was with Samsungs servers that process the voice recognition.


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