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Samsung series 6 55inch has no image from HDMI and no tuner after power surge.

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Following a power surge while I was away my tv will not recognise any HDMI signal interestingly audio return still works. The TV can also no longer tune tv stations either. Arial is fine as it works on other samsung tv in the next room series 5.

The TV still powers and works with smart veiw but can not wire with any HDMI device. 

I have reset to factory settings 4 times twice through menu and twice through mechanics menu (menu info mute power). No change.

Have also unplugged for 20minutes and tried attaching 1 device, still no joy.

I have not yet tried the USB plugs but I'm assuming they probably wont work if it's a board failure. 

Am I missing an easy fix or is this a repair shop deal.  

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @GregM 


Did you manage to get this sorted out or are you still having the same issues?

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