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@Sam-Knp wrote:

Its is such a delight to see and acknowledge that there are people like me - who feel deceived by Samsung!


I had purchased a Samsung UE55KS9000 (curved) TV in Nov-2016, and I am totally gutted when samsung replied to my tweet saying that "there are no pland to update HLG for BBC iplayer for 2016 models" 


Is there really a chance that I could get a refund? or replacement for a newer model? I purchased this from John Lewis.


Thanks guys for taking the initiative.




YES just follow the steps shown here and in the blue planet HLG thread. At the moment the retailers are giving excuses but have not denied misrepresentation. You have the law behind you and to start will cost you just a bit if time. The more who put pressure on them the more chance Samsung will do the right thing.


@Sam-Knp wrote:

Update (10/01/18) 

Got a call from my local JL store (technical services) and the lady told me that they spoke to the "inhouse" samsung rep

and he told them that if the firmware is upto date the KS users will get HLG (ha ha ha!) - I told her categorically that this is about the BBC iPlayer HLG version..and she kind of understood - instead asked me to send them all the correspondence (which I have) to her..


Second set of call came from JL (central tech team) and the guy addresses HLG as "High Light Gamma" and I knew instantly that he didnt had a clue of what he was talking about..anyway I told him the story and he said BBC iplayer still in beta stage - and I confronted him by telling him that it went live with full series of blue planet 2 on Dec 10th

(probably I was more informed than he was!), so we hung up with the promise from JL that they are looking into this.. they never touched the subject of the "smartthings" yet!

Thta's good in that they may learn something and are actually loking into it and could be some pressure on to Samsung.


I have drafted something you can use if you use if you contact Citizens Advice and fill the form,


I bought a Samsung 65KS9500 from Curry's 17 Jan 2017. I was lead to believe with an update it would fully support HLG (the BBC and Nikon version of HDR to be used for over the air broadcasts). This is a link explaining that Samsung where fully supporting it from Dec 2016,
When the BBC started broadcasting the Blue Planet 2 on BBC Iplayer in UHD and HLG Samsung said that the KF series sets would not be updated to play it. They did update to play Youtube HLG. Their release said they would be supporting HLG, not anly different types. Here is a link from Dec 2017 saying the same again,
They also a free Smart Connect free USB dongle here links,
again not forth coming.
Samsung also promised an update for last year to enable HDR10+ for the end of 2017,
Again nothing.
I believe that is misrepresentation under the Oct 2015 European Consumer Regs.


Here is the link,


Remember these are sent to trading standards so it will help if everyone fills in the form, only takes a few mins.


rosscouk wrote:


Just seen this, sound familiar?

More promises!

What I can not under stand is how it that a company thinks it's right to make these promises to sell their goods and then renege on them.

Surely that is fraud!

Saying that Samsung may be use to doing that,  considering last year their Korean CEO was arrested for fraud, so it may be the way they do business, which does not bold well for anyone buying any Samsung product! I don't think there is any other company that I know of that does this. If I was a CEO of a rival company I would be up in arms with Samsung promising more than my products for commercial advantage and then not delivering, it must be malpractice at the least and I would have thought illegal!



Look what Samsung UK have said



daleski75 wrote:

Email from Samsung Presidents Office.


Good afternoon Mr K******, I am contacting in response to your communication received to the CEO of Samsung UK. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment following your communication with our customer support team.

With regard to the Smart Things dongle, the decision was made for this to not be released, and I recognise that this has caused disappointment for which I offer my apologies. What I can do is provide a SmartThings Hub to you without charge as a gesture of goodwill. Please let me know if you would like to receive this and I can make the arrangements for you.

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns.



If I accept this it won’t ruin any chance with Currys refund?


That is all we needed because they have admitted misrepresentation. I suggest this goes to Curry's as proof for everyone who has received a dumb reply from Curry's. This is gold it's from samsung UK head office and they are not denying that they advertised the Smart Connect. Even more importantly they are offering compensation. This is the proof for court and Section 75 and if you bought on credit to get a fukk refund.

I think though if you except this it would be seen as a solution and would stop your claim in respect to the Smart Connect and I am sure that would be a condition of receiving what I think is a poor bribe to stop you action.

I would email Curry's with this reply telling them that Samsung UK have admitted to misrepresentation, and you want a full refund as per the Oct 2015 Eurpeon Consumer regs.

We could not have asked for more



This is from the J Lewis page


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