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Samsung ks 8000 screen failure

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I purchased a samsung ks800055 around 20 months ago it was the most expensive tv I had ever brought at the time being one of the higher end models .  The tv was a fantastic piece of technology and easily worth the money I had payed so I thought . 

Now last friday I was sitting watching the tv as normal when the screen suddenly dimmed .  I thought I had sat on the remote but then found the issue would not clear.  Restarted the tv and suddenly could see a thick blue and green bar down the centre .  I then removed the power from the wall to hard reset and as I did so could smell an electrical smell , tried it again but all attempts render the same issue .  Called samsung who advised me they would send a local engineer out to do a report and they would assess the issue .  They picked up the tv as they said they would and heard nothing until yesterday  to which samsung say the screen has failed and as I am out of the 12 month warrenty  and they wont fix the problem .  I am now faced with the issue of buying a new one  or repairing what I have an expense I certainly did not expect with the age of the tv. 

I have seen on the US samsung community  a few threads where people are having a similar issue with this range (UEKS) after roughly the same period and was wondering if anyone in the UK has seen this issue  with theres ? 

To be honest I am very disappointed with the outcome especially with what I paid for the set I dont think its unreasonable to expect the tv to last more than just under 2 years .

It's a poor show from samsung really .


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