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Samsung engineering please listen.


I purchased a flagship Samsung 65” QE659FN and I’ve come across a couple of issues that could need including in the next firmware update.


1. There is no way of editing channel numbers, example, UK digital tv picks up BBC 1 HD, BBC2 HD, ITV 3 HD, Channel 4 HD all on channels 101,102,103 and 104, now on literally every single TV I’ve owned, it was a simple case of editing the channel list and swapping the standard definition channels with the the HD channels, 101 > 1, 102 > 2 and so on... I’ve contacted Samsung support via phone and they have indeed accepted that this is an issue and it requires a firmware update to allow this “feature”, it’s not a “feature” in my eyes, every single TV on the market is capable of doing this and I would expect a £2,800 “flagship” TV to be more than capable of doing so, this was annoying, please fix this.


2. The one connect box was a stupid idea (which continues into reason 3.) one connect box, erm why? I have all my antenna and plug sockets already on the walls where my TV’s are mounted, why ruin it with a separate box for connectivity, Easily rectified with some velcro strips but still, it’s stupid. 


3. I have LED light strips on all my TV’s in my house, I like the look of the glow, it creates ambience, it’s USB powered via a port on my TV’s, all my other Samsung TV’s in my house work like a charm with them; when I turn the TVs off, (standby) guess what? The tv cuts the power to the USB ports and the LED strip light shuts off, which is great, guess what happens with my new “flagship” QE65F9N? When it is turned off (standby) the LED strip turns off, then 2 seconds later in turns back on again, I’m assuming this is because of the power running through the one connect box, as it’s the PSU for the TV, but this means that the ports, HDMI, USB, are always drawing power even if the TV is on standby, what I’m wanting is the USB power to be cut off when the panel is on standby like my other 3 Samsung TVs; or maybe allow 1 of the three USB ports located on the one connect box do this. Technology is meant to make life easier, not harder, if I have my LED strip active when viewing the TV, I want it turned off when I turn the TV on standby, this is just normal logic. 


Can anyone from Samsung chime in on these problems please?

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Agftech. I will pass on your suggestions to our colleagues!


Hi @CarlH thanks, but may I mention, issue 1, isn't really a suggestion, it's a requirement and something that is firmware related and any tv that I've come across is capable of doing, editing the channel list numbers.


The USB issue is a little concerning as it should at least lessen the voltage/amperage that it sends out to the outputs when the standby is active... that's just safety.


I honestly did not realise that a TV of this price and status "flagship" wouldn't have such a simple feature of "Editing channel list"


Going back to the USB powered LED, this should be able to be rectified through firmware also, if you're able to programmatically change output power signals to the one connect box.


@CarlH any feedback as of yet on this? 

ChrisM Moderator

Not had anything back just yet, @Agftech.


We'll give our developers a nudge.


@ChrisM wrote:

Not had anything back just yet, @Agftech.


We'll give our developers a nudge.

Ok thanks for the update, it shouldn’t be to hard for them to include, it’s on previous os versions.

First Poster

My model N5300 (32) exhibits the same looping power on to USB every couple of minutes. I wish to control several dongles with an SSR and need it off in standby mode. Were instructions for correcting this in firmware ever supplied?

New Member

I have the same stupid behavior with the USB power on my 55ku6400uxzg. Very annoying and it would be so easy to implement a function in firmware so a customer could enable or disable constantly power on USB ports even when in standby mode.


Mine has actually been resolved.. when the tv is turned off, the led strip (powered by usb to the one connect box) turns off, then it turns back on again but within 60seconds after, it turns off again finally.


only current gripe I have is that I can’t put the HD channels to 1, 2 and 3 as there is no channel list editing options in my tvs firmware, this is annoying when watching something on 101,102 or 103 then wanting to check the TV guide and having to scroll alllllll the way to channel 1 to see what’s on channels 4,5,6,7 etc.

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