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Samsung UE55NU7470 TV strange sound

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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Samsung UE55NU7470 TV ,and just recently my wife and I have been hearing "whee whoo" sound like an alert sound ,we can't pin point it exactly but it appears to be coming from the tv.

We have checked out all the usual suspects like mobile phones,smoke detectors and the like ,so I'd like to know if there is a possibilty of the tv making such a sound maybe its a warning sound but the tv works just fine apart from one annoying problem with the sound changing volume between ads?




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Well that strange sound did not come from my tv, it turned out it was my wifes FitBit Versa trying to connect to the internet for email verification ,it could'nt because she mis-spelled her Sky email name and before we could correct it Sky had an email block on due to someone hacking the server.


The FitBit was trying desperately to connect to a non existant email address for verification and making random alert sound which is non directional. I hope this might help someone else before they destroy thier living room.


There is still the issue of the sound from the tv fluctuating in volume.



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