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Samsung UE55NU7400 - Posterization and Best Picture Settings?

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Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate some help. 

There seems to be what looks like posterization on my 4K TV when watching shows on Netflix with black bars due to the aspect ratio of the content. Is this normal for all 4K TVs or is mine faulty? The TV is brand new and was delivered today so i'm hoping it wasn't damaged in transit. Please see video.


The movie I was watching is The Circle and I was streaming it on Netflix in Ultra 4K HD using my PS4 Pro. Other shows with black bars have it to.

TV Model Number: Samsung UE55NU7400

If anyone else is experiencing this and knows how to fix it that would be great. 

I'd also love to know what custom picture settings people would recommend to get the best picture quality for viewing 4K content. 

Thanks in advance for any help. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Kind Regards,

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Hi @LewFairbrother, with regard to the best settings this video gives you a guide but you may have to tweak a bit depending on your preferences. NU7400


In terms of the black bars on movies pretty sure this is to do with the Aspect ratio as many modern movies will have black bars on Tv, the format for Tv shows is 16:9 whereas the cinema standard is 21:9. Do modern movies display any differently from services such as Rakuten, Netflix and Amazon if you have accessed them? It is possible to Zoom in (with proviso that quality may be affected) but as far as am aware only the case with HDMI sources  and not for instance TV apps.   For content  via HDMI   you need to use the custom setting (from guide)



Adjusting the picture size and/or position Settings Picture Picture Size Settings Zoom and Position Try Now " This function is available only if Picture Size is set to Custom. " To change the picture position on analogue channels, first enlarge the picture and then change the position.


I'm including some info on aspect ratio here:


Rtings Aspect Ratio


Home Theatre Aspect Ratio

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Hi @JAMES4578, thank you for your response and info it's very appreciated! I'll be sure to have a look at all the links you provided.






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I have had the same model Samsung UE55NU7400 and I've experienced the same issue. I have contacted the shop owner whom I got ordered.


He advised me that this is normal sometimes; maybe you don't have good settings for contrast ratio. He sent one of his shop worker and he fixed the issue in no time.


I have also tried reading many websites but I found Projector Finder the most useful. There's a complete post about How To Choose a Projector and in that piece, all things have been mentioned clearly in a long way. You can also see a wide post on Aspect Ratio as well on Contrast Ratio.


If you can read everything, you will not need to go anywhere.


I hope it helps. Thank you!

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