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Samsung UE55KS8000 failure

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Recently my Samsung 55'' UHD 4K TV (UE55 KS8000 LXXH), suddenly started displaying only these vertical lines shown on the picture and nothing else (no menus, settings, volume,etc). The sound of the tv channel continued normally.

I bought this TV in November 2016, so it is only 3 years and 2 months old and unfortunately out of waranty.

An authorized Samsung technician came home to see it and within 10 minutes, without even touching a screwdriver, came to the conclusion than it is a faulty panel and told me an estimated price of about 700 euro for the spare panel excluding the replacement fee. Also, although I asked him for a written statement of his diagnosis via email, he avoided to do so. 

Moreover, I called the support telephone center here in Greece and they told me that they can't do anything about it.

It is disapointing to see that kind of customer support from Samsung. Also, I used to believe that Samsung TV are reliable since it is considered as a "premium " TV brand.

It is certain that my bad experience whith this TV and the lack of support, is going to make me exclude all future Samsung products (TV, mobile phones, etc) from consideration and also to express my dissatisfaction to my friends or relatives.

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