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Samsung UE55JU6000WXXN TV - Does not turn on, remote reacts, after time TV works again, Strange!

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I have a Samsung Smart TV ue55ju6000wxxn which sometimes does not want to turn on anymore. The remote works I think because the red light on the tv responds to pressed buttons, but the tv does not turn on. This can take hours and then it works again, or it can take days / weeks in where it doesn't want to turn on and then suddenly it works again. Tried bringing it to a mechanic but than it works again. It is very strange and annoying!


Is this a hardware failure or could it be a software / firmware issue?


Could this be an error in power board? Since this board needs to correctly power the other components like T-con and mainboard. Or is it the mainboard that not correctly responds to the remote and buttons on the tv? Did anyone ever experienced something like this?


Can anyone please provide me with decent advice, since I do not know where to look for this...



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @BartT.


Is this issue still occuring with your TV?

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Hi ChrisM,


Yes, this unfortunately keeps happening...

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