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Samsung UE49nu8000 no recordings if using plex app

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Hi Guys,

Wondered if anyone is having a similar problem or can possibly help me.


I've a Samsung UE49Nu8000 if I've got a recording that is due to start while I use the Plex app it doesn't record,the moment I quit the Plex app it begins to record,any ideas?


Plex is the only app that causes this ,I can use any other and the tv still records.

Just to be clear I'm talking about ordinary tv recordings from freesat not live tv running through Plex.


I've spoken to Samsung support and they've just gone through the usual options, factory reset, app reset turn, power on/ off etc,which has done nothing. 



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Hi @villanut.


As this is only happening with this one particular app, we would suggest speaking to the app provider for their input. It does sound as though it's something within the app itself that's blocking the recording.


Let us know how you get on.

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The Problem starting happening with every app on the TV,recordings always fail if an app is being used.


I've been treated terribly by Samsung, I've spoken to Samsung support many times had the usual fixes tried such as factory reset app reset etc.


I only started to get to the bottom of things after saying I wanted to speak to someone higher up as things were getting no where and I'm left with a TV I can't use how it's supposed to be.


The whole family use the TV for recording programmes and using apps so recordings failing if you use apps is not acceptable.

Anyway I finally spoke to someone who explained that this has been an issue they've known about with these TV's for a while and they'd no known fix!


So she said it wasn't worth getting an engineer to come out,I said this wasn't good enough if there wasn't a fix I wanted a TV that would work or some way of recording without problems such as a Humax box,to expect me to wait for a fix is not acceptable.


After being passed to someone else at Samsung I was told that an engineer would come out as he disagreed with his colleague about a known problem.


The engineer gave me a call and the date to replace the main board in the TV was arranged.

In the meantime I'd got the email address of the Chief Exec of Samsung UK and decided to send an email about the whole experience.


I was messaged back by the CEO of customer services who said there was no point in an engineer coming as they had no fix for the TV atm!


After several more emails back and forth I've still got no where with the issue apart from being expected to just put up with a TV that won't record properly.


As I've explained I'm not prepared to wait for a fix as I've seen forum posts that this has been something they've known about for about at least 12months and they still don't know how to fix it.


Any other company if a product doesn't work as intended you get it fixed or a replacement,not Samsung!

I'd be quite happy with a Humax box to sort this out,but I've still heard nothing.


Anyway rant over,this is just a warning to others about buying these Freesat TV's and Samsung products in general.


It'll be the last time I do that's for sure





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Not going to fix the issue but I am having recording problems with this set.  Always follows the same format.  First scheduled recording stop recording.  Then manual recording stops working.  Then live pause fails.  A complete reset fixes everything for about 24 hours then the same failures in the same order.   Having hunted the internet for a fix it becomes clear that recording is a common problem on this set and I have found no one that has managed to rectify it.  I have bought a humax freesat box.  Not what I wanted to do but life is too short......

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