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Samsung UE43MU6100 and Sky+ HD Box

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Hello. I am very new to Smart TVs. This is my first. Have wifi ethernet connection to Sky box and HDMI between tv and Sky box. All works perfectly as far as Sky box is concerned; can download catch up etc via Sky box etc etc. This though is not really using all the benefits of the Smart TV.

Can I make use the Smart functions of the TV ?  The only way that I seem to be able to get ethernet into the TV is to remove it from the Sky box ?  Too far away from router for good wifi signal. Is there a way to do it ? Am I really getting any extra facilities to enjoy if I can do this ? 

Any help much appreciated. Thanks,



Hi Has your router have more than wifi connection out if so make sure your tv wifi settings is set to wired connection not wifi

.Hope that helps if not tell me more.


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