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Samsung UE40NU7120 losing all channels ( freeview )

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Owned this set for 10 days now, in which time I've twice had to do a complete retune, as

the TV shows a message to the effect of "no channels detected".

After retune, all channels available ( freeview connection only, whilst awaiting SKY Q fit ).


Has anyone else experienced this please ?  

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Yes, TWO SETS gone ....  followed all advice re. resetting scanning etc, nothing wrong with arial etc .... Don't know which is the most annoying and frustration 1. Samsung knowing this is happening and doing / saying nothing. 2. A-holes giving out retarded advice, or 3. The collapse in Internet Engagement now, wiping out any reliable sources of User Support, as the brainwashed retreat into their smartphones, heads down hiding incapable of any communication beyond Instagram and Snapchat.  Mightily Pissed Off as you can tell

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Has anyone discovered a fix for this yet?  My TV keeps losing all non-HD channels and simply displays the test card style screen stating there's no signal.  This can happen whilst flicking through channels (eg. one minute BBC one standard definition is there then you flick a few channels and sudenly there's no signal and it's gone).


When this happens if you switch to channel 101 (BBC1 HD) it displays fine, no issues whatsoever yet all the non-HD channels (channels 1-100) are blank??


If I then autotune the set they all magically re-appear.  I know there's not an issue with the aerial becuase my other TV never has this problem.  It's getting more and more frequent and it's driving me mad!

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