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Samsung UE40NU7120 Sound drop outs

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I've just bought a Samsung 40 inch UE40NU7120 and everthing is fine apart from some tiny sound drop outs when I'm using my Sky box or Xbox One through HDMI.

When I'm streaming something it's fine.

Any help would be appreciated.



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @garyforest.


Have you tried a different HDMI cable as a first step, so we can rule out a connectivity problem?

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@ChrisM wrote:

Hi @garyforest.


Have you tried a different HDMI cable as a first step, so we can rule out a connectivity problem?

I haven’t got anymore cables at the moment, just ordered two more though.

The problems seems to be with two connections if that makes any difference.


Hiya @garyforest


Did the new cables solve the issue at all? Do let us know how you've got on, we're here to help! 



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Superuser I

Hi @garyforest,  a new HDMI high speed cable may resolve the problem.    However issues with audio drop outs have been reported with Sky Boxes over the last few years, firmware helped to an extent but for some it is an ongoing issue.


A few fixes you you could try if new cable does not resolve it, firstly try turning HDMI control off on all devices and you could reboot devices to see if that makes a difference.   As far as Sky is concerned not sure if you have SKY HD or Q, however an idea would be to experiment with  the picture resolution settings for HD content. If you have Q options are 1080i, 1080p and 2160p or first two for SKY HD.  Obviously for UHD it needs to be kept at 2160p.   Sky have previously stated incompatibilities with some AV equipment,though issues reported with different set ups including those connecting directly.


As far as sound settings go some folk have found joy with following:


Go to- Settings-Set Up-Audio Visual

If connecting via optical cable, ensure  'Digital audio output HDMI' is set to Normal and that 'Digital audio output optical' is set to Dolby Digital.

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I am having this problem too did you get it resolved. Just got my TV for Christmas. Watching Netflix sound drops off done it 6 times though (trying to watch a film)!

I had the same issue as well - random brief audio drop outs through any connected device such as TalkTalk TV Box & games consoles.


I even bought some new high speed HDMI cables from Amazon out of depseration!


Samsung remoted in and reset my HDMI ports using EDID settings in the hidden service menu; that didn't work. We then did a factory reset through the support menu and I haven't experienced the issue for a couple of hours now.


I am presuming this is a firmware issue that is causing this if a factory reset has fixed it (for now)


I shall be keeping an eye on it and if it starts again I'll probably ask them to send an engineer round to replace the board. even though its a few days old, I am hesitant to have it refunded as it has a great picture quality and fits in my living room perfectly!!!


I'm having the same problem with my 4 week old TV.  It is incredibly annoying.  The sound drops out every few minutes. Sometimes a few times in a minute. This is occurring when watching content from my Virgin V6 box and when watching blurays on my xbox one x. I didn't have this issue with my last TV which was over 8 years old! 


UPDATE: I am convinced this is caused by customised settings within picture or audio.


After performing a factory reset last night, everything seemed fine until i set up my picture and audio preferences again and lo and behold the problem occured again.


I've since performed a factory reset again, not touched any settings and touch wood, an audio drop out hasnt occured since.



This is totally unacceptable. I'm going to test if it only occurs through the tv's speakers or also the optical out to my receiver. 

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