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Samsung UE40ES6300 TV will not find or connect to wireless network

Fixed - not by the Samsung engineer though ! A local young man changed the wifi area connection on the TV to "A" and The TV immediately picked up the wifi router.
I wasted all that money on a new wifi card which was not necessary. Even Samsung technical support in Manila did not offer up this OBVIOUS solution.
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I'm experiencing the same issue.  Is it possible to confirm where this setting is?


Find the wifi area connection button on your tv in settings and reset.  If you can find it, look in tv instructions or on line.  Then re-Set it.  In my case it was to A. 

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I have what I think is the same or a similar problem which has just happened in the last 2 days with my Samsung UE40ES6300, it will no longer connect to my router after 2 years working fine. When I do a wifi search it finds available wifi's, I enter my password and it fails to connect. I've reseted the router and tv and no change. I haven't tried using an ethernet cable and I don't want to, I want less wires not more.


I see on ***** that some have mentioned the wifi card in the tv being the issue if it's gone, I'm just not sure if that would apply to me if my tv does still picks up my wifi in the search.


I have a firestick in the back of the TV which connects without any issue, a £35 firestick !


Can someone from Samsung help me fix this if there actually on ***** helping.

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further update: Now when I click on Menu / Network / Network Settings and hit starts the menu screen just keeps disappearing, every bloody time now.

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Hi, did you have any luck resolving this?

I have the exact same problem that started a few weeks ago too. I’m assuming it was due to an update but there are no new updates available to fix it

The wired connection works fine. 

tried looking to the WiFi area setting as mentioned above but don’t have that menu option


Yes. Find the WiFi area connection button on th Tv. On the TV. In settings and reset. change the router setting
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Nah m8 I need a new wifi card, they cost around the £30, well thats what I've seen them going for. Apparently from the company that sells the Samsung TV wifi card's this a a known issue with Samsung TV's, so if anyone esle has purchased a Samsung TV you might want to consider the warranty, but he did say they are easy to replace. For now I'm just going wired until I get fed up with looking at the wire, bloody Samsung!!!


I was advised to buy a new WiFi card which I did. Complete waste of money. It wasn’t that at all. This was customer service’s advice which I think was based in the PHillipines. 

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