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Samsung UE32N5300 AK wall mount screws

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Having a nightmare with this. This TV Model 2019: UE32N5300 AK.   I have a universal wall mount and non of the screws fit. I have M4/30 screws and also been told by Samsung support that M4/30 screws are the correct ones, but they are not. The length is fine, but the diameter is too big to screw into the back of the TV.  So I have a TV that I can't put on the wall and no one, even Samsung, seems to have the answer.  Can anyone help?  Or I'll have to send the TV back for refund, which seems ridiculous. 

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Where can I get srews toenable me to wall mount the TV.  No matter what TV bracket I choose, the screws do not fit the holes on the TV whilst at the same time fitting the bracket. 

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I have the same issue. It's diabolical.
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