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I have woken up in early hours on more than 1 occasion to find my Samsung TV has turned on, by itself?


TV is not on any channel at all.

Screen is just giving out a light which is greyish with blobs on screen of white/black colouring

Nothing is moving

No Sound

No response to any of the buttons on remote being pressed

Will not turn off from remote.


Only solution that works is to turn off at socket.


Once this is done TV goes off - but the red on/off indicator switches on and off a couple of times before finally going off!


This has happened more than once.


My remote batteries are new and not faulty

I have checked and no timers etc are set



The activity is even more puzzling in that if my tv is on and not on a channel the screen is a definite blue, but not during these events. Another puzzling thing is that I have a fault on my screen in that a black line goes directly across on the horizontal middle of my screen. Always there on channels and any menus etc.  HOWEVER this black line does not appear across my screen during the TV turning on by itself episodes. ?



Is my TV being activated by a source outside my home?

Is it updating in some way?

Is it providing information to an outside source?


I should point out that my Smart TV is not connected to the internet and I am using Freesat for watching TV progs.

My TV is not connected to my wireless network.


It is not a poltergeist or a setting on my TV or a neighbour or a prank, I live alone, or any of the other crazy ideas put forward to other people who have experienced similar activity.


Anyone have an answer or sensible idea?






KellyM Moderator

Hey @Shazivyk,


Can you provide the model code and software version of your TV? we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this for you! :smileyhappy:

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