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Samsung TV suddenly started making clicking/ ticking noise both when on and off (QLED QE55Q7F)

Interesting to see this Thread marked as „RESOLVED“ when it clearly is NOT... Would the original poster care to re-open this case? Obviously still very very active.
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Same issue here in Australia with a Samsung NU7100 65 inch set.

Not as loud as some are reporting, but a clearly audible tick every few seconds, about the volume of a dripping tap.

Looking at the back of the tv, it's coming from the top right hand side, near to the edges.

Same spot every time.

It comes and goes, somtimes it's randomly spaced, but right now it's metronomic.

I'll contact Samsung locally and see what they have to say.


@WentzLV wrote:

@WentzLV wrote:

My Q6FN (55") started to make popping noise in 3rd day. Starts rougly ~5 mins after turning on the TV. First two hours ~15-20 second interval a crack. After 2-3 hours very rarely cracks can be heard. When turned off, again cracking  with ~20 sec interval about hour or more. Really annoying while you're sleeping you can hear those cracks really loud.


I took my TV to Samsung warranty repair and as I was told they changed power supply.  According to them annoying cracks are gone. I'll get my TV tomorrow to test it myself. Hopefully its working properly now. I'll post an update soon.


Subtitle blooming issue is another downside for this TV.. 


> So, I just got TV from service.

> They changed power supply.

> I just turned TV on with all HDMIs.


As soon as I turned TV on I could hear really tiny clicks (If before click noise was 10/10, then now its 3/10) but only few like 5, 6 within 1-3 mins.. and after nothing.  No clicks at all like it was before. For now I will keep TV on for few hours and then turn it off to listen if it clicks when turned off.



>  After ~30 mins TV being ON I could hear clicks again... 6-8 with 1 minute inerval..  But not as loud as before. Next clicks was with ~2 min interval or more but this time little louder.  After some time I could hear a click rarely.  I can live with this (while watching TV with sound you can barely hear those clicks) but if it clicks for 1,5h after turned OFF...  fu*c that it's anoying!!!

After about 1,5 months of daily use my TV (Q6FN) stops making clicking sound!

I don't know exactly when and how it stopped. Few days ago after I turned off my TV I thought I got used to clicking sounds and I don't hear them anymore. But then did a test again and yeah - it's not clicking anymore like it used to crack. After turning off only sometimes few plastic cracking sounds but not loud. So hopefully it stays like this.

I hope your TVs also will stop cliking! 

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What backlight setting has everyone got theirs on I have the 75 inch nu8000 and I have mine at 25 and it seems to give me one or 2 clicks every now and again but no pattern with that
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I have my backlight at 11 - ticks are sporadic but can last up to several hours while the tv is on.  If it is an HDR and bright scene ticking is much more constant


I don’t know why you guys purchased a QLED with up to 1500 Nits brightness, cause you’re Backlights are set extremely low. I can’t quite remember what the max was (cause luckily I don’t have a Samsung TV any longer) but I think 50 was the max setting. Default is set to 45 and when HDR kicks in it defaults to the Max (minus a little dimming if the Eco Mode is active).

Whatever the setting, you shouldn’t have to turn down the brightness just to make your TV stop making a cracking sound like a slap in the face.. That’s just ludicrous.

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I don't have the qled I have the nu led range 75 inch and that too is 50 for backlight max but it is shoddy as hell that were having to lower the backlight so much just for cracking

I mean you pay your money if you want to watch it with full backlight on you should be able too really. Terrible way to behave by Samsung saying so many are within range but if you want to watch at backlight 50 then you should be able to for as long as you wish without the signs of shoddy workmanship

Backlight at 25 for me is bright enough but I shouldn't have to think twice about what level it's at

This matter is most certainly not resolved. I bought 65NU8000 and like Q line of Samsung it has this darn clicking. It lasts about 1,5 hour after powerr on and same after power off. I concacted my country'a samsung reps, they are contenplating about if, but I fear there is little to be done.

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My nu75 seems to have stopped it's clicking but I'm hoping that doesn't mean it's gonna start up and louder in the future. Such a shame as I'm very happy overall for what I paid it's just that little issue that has stopped it being one I'd recommend
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After receiving my 2nd Q7FN from the same batch unfortunately it developed the clicking after the first day of use much like the first. Been without a TV since early May looking for options as this is the first lot of issues i've had with samsung. Can't fault Currys in the UK for their service, they came to collect and were fine about the returns. Currently looking at the 2019 range, they are still fairly new but would have expected to see some word on if they share the same issues as the 2018 range. I've made a list of all models mentioned in this forum as an automatic avoid. Will be giving samsung one final chance on the 3rd unit this time from the new range, any issues i'll be giving up with Samsung. Too much time and energy spent of finding a TV without a defect!

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