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Samsung TV - blurry picture in 2D

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I have a Samsung Smart TV (UE40D6530) purchased in 2012 which was working fine up to last week when all of a sudden the picture went very blurry. I eliminated it being a cable issue as image is equally bad when using Wifi/Smart functions, chromecast and in fact all sources. I went through the various settings with sharpness/judder etc and no luck on that front.

The weird thing though is that when i switch to 3D mode, the picture is fine. So when watching normal TV for the moment, i use the "fake" 3D mode !

I spoke to samsung support and they're willing to send someone but given the potential cost of the callout/repair etc, I may just end up buying a new TV. I scoured the net for this issue and could not find any relevant links - i'd be surprised if nobody has seen this before.....

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