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Samsung TV UE65KU6400 vertical dark band

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Hi there,

My just more than two year old (and therefore just out of warranty) television has begun to show a top-to-bottom darker area or shadow just to the left of centre.

I was appalled to learn that a local Samsung-recommended repairer has quoted me €200 MORE THAN THE COST of the original television(!) just to supply the part - labour NOT included!

I am obviously very disappointed that such a new and expensive television is showing such a problem - I understand it is a problem that other people have experienced... Is there anyone from Samsung who would care to comment on this matter?

Many thanks




ChrisM Moderator

Hi @rikkog 


We're sad to hear this. Could you run a picture test for us and send a photo of the beach scene displayed? Go to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Picture Test. Does the banding show there?

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hi @ChrisM

Yup I went through the tests with a French Samsung techie, before he put me in touch with a local(-ish) repair outfit that quoted over €1500 for the replacement panel.  Here are the photos - I think the grey is visible even on the grey banded test screens...

Do you work for Samsung, ChrisM?



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