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Samsung TV UE50MU6179 no files in USB browser

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I'm unable to see any files in the USB browser of my Samsung UE50MU6179.


I already reset my Samsung TV to factory settings but without success.


When I plug in the USB the first time I get a notification which asks me if I want to play the video file on it. This works without problems.


But when I switch to my USB drive I only get the USB browser Window showing the name of my USB (blue bar) and a white screen or it shows a completly white screen.


The USB stick is formated as NTFS and worked before without problems. I also tried other USB sticks with no success.


My Samsung TV also puts a .device file on my stick so It can read or write it without problems.


Any suggestions?


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I could solve the problem by the Option -> Support -> Self -Diagnosis  -> Reset Samsung Hub.

After the reset I did NOT sign with my Samsung account and now it works fine.

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