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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch


I have come to the conclusion that life is too short to pursue this any further as i haven't a cat in hells chance of getting anything done about it.

I've told Samsung I will never buy another of their products, not that they care but if enough people boycott them maybe it will hurt their profit margins in time.


Been following all these purple Samsung patches for a while I also have a 65-inch curved TV with purple patches. Bought the TV Father's Day 2017. And talking Samsung over and over. Don't know how I did it Samsung offered a courtesy visit from a TV technician to look at my TV today. Now this guy is going to come in here and say oh you have purple patches which hell I already know. Now is Samsung going to do something about it that's the question according to everybody's posts I've read no they're not but let's find out I'll let you all know what happens after the visit today.

I suspect he'll say "oh right, the panel has gone and needs replacing" and will tell you the cost.

Ask if the new panel has a warranty too. 

The cost should be claimable from where you bought it from so get it in writing, contact them saying this shouldn't happen so quickly and send them the evidence. If they are any good you will get it fixed and paid for at no cost to you. 

Good luck, will look forward to your update! 

Hopefully the new panel won't go wrong in 2 years if they do replace it ... 

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Had same thing happen to mine , about 3.5 years old , took it back to Currys today armed with this thread and a handy book from richer sounds about my rights , paid £95 TV going off to their knowhow repair center, under an "out of warranty claim" to be looked at , hopefully will be fixed and refunded.....will keep you posted

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LG are no better - My 18 month old 43UJ635V has just started with the same issue. Oddly enough after an update.

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