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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch

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just a quick question. I was the one who originally started this post. My TV has steadily got worse since I posted. We now have patches all around it.  I was just wondering was it a Currys in England that you took it to, if so did you cite the EU Legistation to them? 






it was Currys UK and I didn't cite EU legislation. They just repaired it under my extended warranty.  I am watching it now and the picture is superb! Hope you get yours sorted!

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For me, it was Currys in Ireland but my understanding is that they're all the same. The TV itself was sent to UK and when I rang for update it was the Currys UK helpesk that provided updates.


I did make a mention of EU regulations as I knew the TV was out of manufacturer warranty but I got the impression I needn't have bothered, their repair/reutrns staff knew what was required from them.


Well, this is quite nice.  Nothing like this would be possible in the US.  If there is no extended warrantee, nothing would happen and one would have to live with a defective TV

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Wow. Just wow. I googled ‘purple haze on Samsung tv’ and found this! Shocking! We too have had it for only three years! We now have two patches I thought one of the kids maybe knocked it but there’s no marks on the screen and now this other patch has come up! It’s a 60” so it wasn’t cheap! We saved up for a long time to buy this one as ours had broken. Going to be gutted if we can’t get this fixed 

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Same problem here. 65", 4k, 2 years old developed a purple patch in the bottom right corner of the screen.


However, i contacted Richer Sounds, where we purchased the TV from and they were great. I sent them a couple of pics, showing the problem. A few days later they collected the TV to fix. No argument from them at all, great service can't recommend enough.

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My UE40H6700 Samsung Smart TV has recently developed a purple patch in the bottom left. It is only about 3-4 years old, doesn't get used much and has been well looked after (Not moved, banged or anything like that).

I am extremely disappointed to discover that this is a common problem, but pleased to see the power of the internet being used positively to get Samsung to see the true extent of the problem.


Well, despite the continuous reports, we have been unable to have Samsung recognize the problem and provide any solution.  There is no official statement by the company and those who have encountered the problem have not been offered anything, not even a lousy coupon for the purchase of a new TV


Yes, they don't care at all and take no responsibility for the poor quality of their panels. As far as they're concerned, they've had our money, and just want more of it to sort it out, or even to just have a look at it. 

What's worse is my 3D is now playing up. It is like trying to watch a film with one eye closed, like it is only showing the left eye 3D and the other side isn't showing properly. I have to repeatedly turn the TV on and off before it behaves. It took twenty minutes tonight before we could watch a 3D blu ray. It was great when it worked though, despite the purple hues. 


I've taken great care of my TV, and used money my grandad left me to buy it, thinking I'd have it for years and would think of him every day when I used it. I had no idea what a shoddy, badly manufactured waste of an investment it would turn out to be. And finding a 3D TV to replace it is proving hard. I love watching films in 3D and this is just a joke.

The only thing to do is "vote with your wallet" and don't buy Samsung again, and spread the word so others don't buy into their poor service. I just don't trust them,  and their response to this common fault is "meh, don't care, not our problem now".

Awful. It's a shame because I loved this TV until it let me down. 


I've been looking on ebay for 3D TVs... What a surprise; there are quite a number of Samsungs on there with purple, blue or "dark" patches.


What a joke Samsung are! This is so clearly a common defect with their products. 

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