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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch


Samsung tech support is easy to reach.  In fact, it is quite good in getting you to a person that would answer your question.  Most times, they will providee you with the address and the telephone number of a Samsung-certified repair shop.  You would then contact that shop and arrange for a repair.


Now, since your TV is 3.5 years old (at least), there is really no reason to contact either Samsung or a Samsung-certified repair shop, unless, of course, you have an extended warrantee.  The "purple patch" is not fixable, you either tolerate it or you buy a new TV.  If you want to waste your time going through Samsung customer support, be my guest, but the upshot is going to be that there is no solution to this problem.


I wouldn’t bother either getting a Samsung registered engineer. You’ll have to pay €50 to be told there is nothing they can do. It’s shocking to see so many people here with the same issue and Samsung have ignored the issue and washed their hands if it. I will NEVER purchase a Samsung product again and have told anyone I know the same. Keep away!! 


Personally, I am not surprised.  If one assumes that only a tiny minority posts these issues in the Internet, the number of sets having this problem should be quite substantial.  Any admission by Samsung of a problem that has not been widely publishized, would result in major loses, so the company prefers to do nothing.  I will continue doing nothing unless the issue reaches the courts or if it gets a lot of publi*****y.  Do not expect much else. 


Well I bought mine from Amazon, and they apologised and gave me £150 back, which I considered better than nothing as it was by now 3 years since I bought it and that's sound 25% of what I paid for it.

Under the regulations we've mentioned before, it's the retailer's responsibility for up to 6 years under EU consumer regulations so really they should be repairing or replacing,  and probably offered this to save themselves the bother and full cost while keeping me appeased. But I saw it as better than nothing, and if they get enough cases like this they're certainly one retailer with the power to put pressure on manufacturers to stop making wonky TVs.

Hence, you might as well try asking. I'm putting the money towards a TV made by anyone but Samsung. 


I have a 40" inch Samsung UHD TV 6 Series and I also notice light purple patches on the right corner and another top left of my 4k TV. I want to Know what caused this discoloration and is their a easy fix? Model KU6300   40" 4K LED


It sounds like the same issue is evident in their 4K TVs too then. Dodgily manufactured panels that don't last. 

No easy fix  If it's under warranty, get it sent back as soon as you can. Out of warranty, try the retailer you bought it from.





It is really unknown what causes this discoloration.  There is no fix for it.  If your panel is under warrantee, it would need to be replaced.  If not, hard luck.


OK Samsung its 2018 can you address why your 4k LED TVs get these annoying PURPLE PATCH / PURPLE HAZE SPOTS on the screen of your TV Products? My Samsung TV is the MODEL CODE: UN40KU6300  40" 4K 6 SERIES "Just think I was about to buy another Samsung  4K TV for my business. lol Everyone who has the same Problem and posting make sure you take pictures, make videos and upload them online on facebook, Twitter, or Youtube etc about the Purple Shadow Patch Problem  so one day Samsung will fix this problem. The more people expose the problem the better. Funny I talk to the Samsung rep and He said He has never heard of the Purple Patch Problem on Samsung TVs Screens. LOL "I laugh because its all over the Internet now after typing Purple Patch TV and Samsung's name is the first to pop up. LOL"  We I guess I have to try another TV brand maybe SONY or LG hopefully Samsung finds a Fix for this problem.  


Vickip Thanks you for exposing this Purple Patch problem on Samsung TV Screens. I hope one day Samsung can tell us what causes this problem and tell us how it can be fix. 

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My Samsung 55" 4K developed 1 purple spot a few months ago, I to have had it for 2 years. Over the past couple months 1 spot has turned into 5. 1 in each corner and 1 in the middle. No magnents and tv has not been bumped. Does Samsung even pay attention to these posts? This was my first Samsung TV, not a great impression. I'll probably even switch to Apple for mine and my wife's phone as well.

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