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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch

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Same here. UE48H6400 has a purple patch in top right hand quadrant. The set is just over 3 years old. From what I have read here it looks like it is not worth fixing. I don't feel like giving someone £90 to tell me that a new screen is going to cost abour what I paid for it. Bit of a bugger really. 


I am going to have a word with the Currys store, but I expect it will mean buying another TV (not a Samsung) as a replacement. 


After a useless time spent contacting Samsung, who did not reply to my service request form that I had filled out on the Samsung web site I rang them. No help.

Rrturned to the shop I bought yhe tv from and they have agreed to replace it with a new tv (UE49MU6400), as under EU rules I am covered under waranty for 5 years ( 6 years in Ireland). Just waiting for a delivery to the shop.


My tv was purchased in Nov 2014.

Mine was April 2015, from Amazon for about £500. Started to go purple around June/July last year.


Amazon don't have any similar models so wouldn't be able to replace it, so I don't know what to do. Could try getting it fixed then sending Amazon the bill but can't see that going too well, regardless of my consumer rights.

I can't afford to get it done anyway, not even the £90 fee just to look at it. I'm pretty skint at the moment; stuck with a TV slowly turning purple, and bitterness.

You could be entitled to a refund. May havr to go to small claims court. Check with your local consumer affairs people thats what I did. I Paid €50 for a samsung engineer to call out to do a report.

There is nothing to base a small claim in court.  There is no implied guarantee, never mind a full one.  Unless one shows that Samsung made some specific statements regarding the durability of the TV, just forget this one

In EU consumer protection you have a 5 year guarantee. You may only be offered a repair. I have been given a full replacement after 3 years and 3 months. The claim is with the retailer as that is who you have your contract with. The manufactures guarantee is in addition to your cosumer rights not instead off.

Aretzios, where did you conjure up that "info"? Done any research?

For example, the Sale of Goods Act (replaced some time in 2015 by The Consumer Rights Act) is supposed to give consumers protection against buying defective products. A television set, for example  should be expected to last at least (around) 5 years. The act overrides any expired warranty and puts the onus on the retailer to provide compensation in the event of goods sold with inherent defects, such as television sets that go purple after two years.

The difficulty comes in getting the retailer to abide by this act without going through the courts. 

This act is supposed to protect consumers from buying goods from disreputable manufacturers by making the retailers responsible. Retailers, in theory, have more sway over manufacturers than the consumers. Who wants to sell products from someone who makes products that keep going wrong and cost the retailer money? 

If enough people complain over and over about the same fault then perhaps the issue will be flagged, and at the very least, consumers will be more wary about which products they buy.


Sitting in silence and putting up with it or "forgetting about it" gets nobody anywhere. 

Do you work for Samsung? 

I don't work dor anybody. Was just willing to fight my corner and checked and confirmed my rights with the ccpc office on dublin. Check with your local consumer protection office.

Thanks for the info.  In the first place, I live in the US not the EU.  Even in cases in which there is an implied warrantee, one would not be able to achieve much without going to court.  Courts are unlikely to even accept the case; the only chance is if one can manage to transform this into a class-action, which is a long bet.


Of course I do not work for Samsung.  However, realities are realities. 

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