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Samsung Smart led tv has a purple patch

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I have a smart led tv Model No is UE48H6400, we have noticed this morning that there is a purple patch on the bottom right hand side. The tv is out of warranty, but I wondered if anyone else had the same problem and if they fixed it? We have run the tests and it shows up in all 3. Thanks 

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This has just appeared on mine too. It seems we are not alone... I've been looking for a solution but no luck so far. Running tests shows it, running "fix dead pixel" videos don't help..  There's a bad one bottom left and a smaller one on the right.


It looks as though these TVs were not designed to last. Only had it about 2 years, it's never been knocked or mistreated, just watched.


Pretty appalled actually that this has happened after no time at all. I love 3D and loved this TV and can't find anything that would be a suitable replacement. The price was great at the time but not for a TV that fails after around 2 years.


I would like to echo the call for help, if anyone has found a solution.

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I have the same purple patches - I first noticed them after the recent software upgrade. TV is 3 years old - NOT impressed!

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Hi Vickip. I have the exact same tv and noticed the same patch in the same place not too long ago. Wait for it, because another one will appear  off centre in the top left of the screen.  I've been in touch with Currys where I bought it but they want to charge £90 just  to look at it and its clearly a common fault! Something needs to be done because Samsung have washed their hands of it, even though they are the ones selling a product not fit for purpose. I shouldn't have to expect to spend several hundreds of pounds every 3 years because of poor craftsmanship. 


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Mine has just developed the same problem this morning. Bought the tv new from Curry’s in August 2014 and luckily took out the 5 year extended warranty. Very disappointed to experience trouble with it after only 3 years though. My previous Samsung lasted 8 years and was still working fine when I decided to upgrade.

Benn told by Curry’s support that it requires a new screen and should get it back end of next week. 


Same here. Same model, panel bruised heavily after almost exactly three years. Like clockwork. Replacement cost, same as a new TV set. 600€. This has nothing to do with random malfunctioning, it's just crappy manufacturing. Samsung should consider their policy on parts pricing, when there is an epidemic of this size. It is unacceptable that a three year old device is now junk. 


A patch has now appeared just to the right and up from the centre. Can't afford to pay to get it fixed or get a new TV so having to put up with it. It's put me off buying Samsung ever again. It was a great TV but the short lifespan is an absolute disgrace. I've only ever had Samsung TVs prior to this. They should acknowledge there is a fault and fix it rather than make us pay so much for repairs. It is shameful. 


Agree 100%. I guess overpriced spare parts is a policy trying to lead consumers in buiyng new sets inceasing profittability no matter what you opt for. So no matter what we do now, no more Samsung for me and no more TVs without warranty extention.

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Shocking. I have the exact same model and the exact same issues in the exact same locations, it seems this is a common fault developing on numerous seperate Units of the same model.


Model UE48H6400, same problem after 3 years. Tomorrow I ll  ask in the official Service for a price. I am really disappointed. I"ll post the price here. In the meantime anyone else can share the repair cost?

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