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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)


Iv  been told a new motherboard but to be fare iv set the DNS setting to 8 8 8 8 that has helped connecting a lot easier but still have the drops every so often 

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@Dizzorder1 wrote:

I'm in the exact same place with my tv. I used to reset the network, now the only thing that works is disconnecting power to the tv for a few min. Have you acquired any new information?

No I have not found any  other details forthcoming from Samsung.  I was so frustrated with two or three drops during an hour episode that I gave up and bought a fire stick   Works PERFECT now


it appears to me that the problem is the Smarthub software as I have seen numerous software updates implemented and the freezing has stopped dropping the password like it used to do    BUT it still loses the connection!!  Now with the Firestixk it works perfectly!!  Good luck to everyone on this thread!!  Definitely won’t ever buy a Samsung again for home or business 



Same problem here (wired). Tryed everything, no solution, it says there is network but no internet.

My old panasonic tv never lose the connection...

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I unplugged my TV for 10 minutes and when I turned it back on everything was back to normal.


PS - before I had unplugged the TV power, I had tried the network reset through the TV's settings and that didn't work.


I am hoping that I am wrong, but from our experiences its only a temporary workaround. Same as turning the TV on/off/on.

Also that should not be considered a fix, nor should a replacement motherboard for a brand new TV be considered a fix, since the issue is (purely from my investigation) a software issue.

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This thread is not being taken seriously by Samsung, so here is my latest update.

I have in my house 3 TV's purchased over the last few years and they are all by Samsung.

This week I am buying a high end 75" TV and after having Samsung on my watch list for a year in the end and as a result if this thread it is NOT samsung.


In my family we also own high end Samsung mobiles, but I just placed an order for my daughter for a different brand.


Maybe other TV's have other issues, but this saga is showing me that Samsung is a box shifter only.

I still need to deal with my Samsung 4K SMART TV, that is dumb, but at least I know the day I changed my Brand religion .




My 4k firesticks , apple TV and LG smart TV all still going strong! (No internet issues!) I have just pointed a few industry magazines at  this thread to see if that will help. Samsung have lost credibility in the TV department with us now but it may help others who can't buy alternative devices. 

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I believe, based on all the comments here, that it is the Smarthub software that is freezing and either dropping the internet connection or just unable to respond after a short period of time.  I noticed several upgrades came thru in the last thirty days and while the freezing is still happening, Smarthub was not losing my WiFi password like it had in the past.  So the ole turn it off and back on was at least not requiring re entry of my password.  


Firestick is now now working perfectly and have not lost one minute of connection time.  


I got to a simmilar conclusion in my forum thread:


It seems to me that the issues mentioned in this thread directly correlate to the same issue.

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Mine would not hook up to the internet I tried everything.  I went back to factory settings I’m talkinh everything and sometimes it would come back and other times not for days.  I finally started unplugging the tv and that has worked everytime. Turn the tv off and then unplug it plug it back in and then it works. Good luck. 

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