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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)


I’m now 2 weeks on from the 2nd tv and I’ve not had to re enter the password at all.

since connecting only the tv to the 5 ghz band it has so far not disconnected. My son is very IT savvy and he suspects there is interference from either another local network and / or domestic appliances that was causing it to drop out. As starfish has found the same resolution it’s maybe worth trying.

Thanks! Samsung has reached out to me in an attempt to solve this problem. Thanks for the help.

Great to see so many options to workaround.  Thanks for posting. I have a set of mesh repeaters but have had to open the original WiFi on the router again but just for the TV and force to use 2.4ghz channel 6. Seems to be working! 

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I'm having a sudden problem with my tv too. It worked fine last night, then suddenly today will not connect to the network. Every other device can connect, no problem. How do I do a network reset?


This helps - I've been able to reset the TV and get it working, but after time - it always 'fails'.  Holding the power button down on the remote (beginning when the TV is on and holding it down until the TV Powers off and back on again) worked for me - solving the problem temporarily. The problem appears to be a programming glitch with the network card, - Samsung needs to issue a new software update so that when the device encounters a 2.4 and 5.0ghz network - where the network name is the same for both, it is not able to discern betweeen them - it eventually failes, as a result of logic failure (bad programming).  


That makes sense as my network is a mesh that does both and it also explains why my workaround works. Thanks 


Samsung need to really sort this out 


i'm having same issue as all of you. TV is one week old.  All these tricks work for about a day, then the next day i'm back to not able to connect. super frustrated.  Last trick i am trying is renaming the 5GHZ network to see if that works.. if it doesn't i'm going to try exchanging it for another one.. if anyone has any other luck, please post.

Samsung called me and sent a technician out after I complained on Hello Peter. What the ***** dont tell you is that their TV's (well the 7 series anyway) does not support fibre. I was told I cant have a wired fibre connection. The fixed the WIFI so I am able to connect. But it's honestly a joke. I would say return. It and get Hisense.
thanks. i'm tempted to, but trying to use this as a second wifi only TV and take advantage of the xfinity app (which only seems available on samsung) do you know if hisense might support the xfinity app?
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