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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?

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YouTube stopped working here too.. What a ridiculous way of treating customers. I own a UE46ES8000 which I think is also from 2013. 

Something's fishy though, if we simply choose not to update the YT app, why would it ever stop working?

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Hi there, could not find a way to get out of smart  mode. Can you help?





Same here,the Update tells me no new update available.......I lost the YouTube on my "smart" TV.....I also have a Samsung  tablet and smart phone,I am wondering now if these devices will be at some point subjected to the same "upgrades"........time to switch brands!


I feel I have made a mistake in purchasing the Samsung Smart TV.  My main problem has been the constant changes in the application services that do not benefit the user.  When they discontinue an app service they don't provide a replacement app. Service updates / enhancements are ***** poor. So long Samsung TV.  


Chris,I believe that,to get out of Smart Mode,you just have to close the Smart Hub,and look in the Menu of the TV.But I am not sure .......



I think , Saumsung must do something to fix it!!!

They have to do an updated for our smart tv software or something like this.

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I too am disappointed, my smart TV was bought around 2013 I think for my bedroom. The Youtube which I love watching next to Netflix stopped on June 27, 2017 and I am upset. I have verizon Fios but never watch much on this. So I am disappointed that they took it off before June, 30 and buying Apple TV streamer is an expensive proposition.

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Absolutely, I already started doing this. Because my Youtube did not even last till June 30, 2017. I wish I bought another brand. Well at least next time I know not too trust this brand with anything.


From Now on Stop Samsung.


No respect for customer at all.


I suggested here in Italy Samsung vs Apple for a long time.  Stop.

Apprentice long Samsung

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