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Samsung Smart TV says Youtube will no longer be availabe fron 30Th June. WHY?


Mine doesn't even work in the browser, it crashes every single time. I was convinced Samsung had disabled it too. I'm glad that wasn't the case and it seems to work for everyone else, although it pales in comparison to the actuall app.

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Very annoyed about this. Samsung, you need to sort this out with the app provider!


Use TV Cast. It works faster and better than oldtube.


You can't watch YouTube videos in HD using TV Cast, unless you make use of the slow process explained posts Ago.


I've installed it too, but it requires having my phone at hand. I like watching YouTube before falling asleep and I don't keep the phone in the bedroom. Sleep time should be sacred, unless the house's on fire don't dare calling me.


yes that's unforunate. For those who don't mind casting from the phone, which I'm certain there's a sizable amount, I say casting from a Device such as a mobile or tablet is much faster and convenient then trying to painstakingly input every letter in the very slow oldtube search system. Hopefully there'll be another App which is smoother. Or they'll make improvements on the current oldtube.


The next best thing I would suggest is getting a chromecast but that'll cost maybe $35-50. I personally use my PS4 in my room, but outisde the livingroom it's just the TV so I have to settle for TV cast until there's a better solution or til i get a dongle 


the process should take no more than 6 seconds. just get the youtube HD link, and beam it to the screen. real simple. There's drawbacks to oldtube as well, like some people like to watch Live streams. It's not possible to stream live videos with oldtube, but you can with TV cast.


I tried oldtube, the navigaton is very sluggish, one would have to scroll all the way to the top of the screen just to search again. Also another downside is that the proxy server is located in somehwere Brazil, so many videos are blocked such as music videos.


Actually while using Oldtube more I can see why its so great and better than Tv cast. The main advantage is that it display related videos and automatically plays the next video. That is definitely much more enjoyable as tv cast requires us to cast each video clip and that can become very repetitive. 


Sometimes ppl like to have background noise or videos to seemlessly play. Another plus is that we can search for a Youtube channel and it'll display all the videos from the channel allowing us to select.


Sorry for writing it off earlier without giving it much of a chance. Suprisingly it works better then the previous Youtube app because for months the official app didnt work properly for me anymore.


I hope oldtube will continue to keep improving it. Props for developing it.


I certainly hear the issue about going back to top one by one for searching a new thing. I'll try to figure it out. Probably the return key should bring you back to the search bar first.  Alternative should be 

About the navigation speed, is as slow as the original YouTube app. That is a limitation of the TV hardware which is really not powerful for running Javascript. I'm certain the video decoding goes thru a very different hardware path than the app code...


There is no proxy or anything alike. I believe you understood "Brazil" because I told that the app calls the search api with the TV set language to try to improve local results, and Dada5000 had trouble with that originally because it was failing to correctly set Brazil's Portuguese.


The deal with some videos not showing up is that they are configured for not being available for embedding as an iframe; which is the only officially supprted way from YouTube to embed a video out of their own apps or site. 


I could configure the search to avoid showing these; but that would require to split the search section for videos and playlists separatelly. I'm open for voting what to do there. 


I bought this TV solely to watch You Tube on a big screen and now they have taken it away. There is a chance they are in breach of contract. The small print needs to be read. Disgusted!

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