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Samsung Smart TV Airplay function not working


Both your iPhones should be updated to the latest iOS version.
Your tv should be up to date also. Check the support page on your specific tv model to see what the latest firmware version is for you tv.
 All devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network. and the same frequency. (2.4 / 5ghz)


 if it still doesn't work then you should call Apple and make sure your device is capable of using airplay 2 (this is the technology Samsung TVs use)


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I have the 15.1 update on my iMac and am current on my iPhone 10(13.1.2).

It worked once from computer. Can't get it to work from phone. Went into settings to make sure airplay was on(it is). Still no luck. Thanks @Samsung.

Tv was bought on 11.29.2019 from Costco 55 inch. BTW, Vizio app is much better than Samsung's.

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Ageed. The app is poor and the performance is overall very clunky. Airplay is hit or miss. The intermittent nature makes it impossible to troubleshoot. Apple blames Samsung and Samsung blames Apple. Really poor customer service situation. 

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I got off the phone with Samsung just now. Somehow, my computer disconnected from wifi. I reconnected it, voila. It works. Not sure if this helps, but go into settings, network, and make sure you are connected.

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Same issue. I have 65", 7 series, 2019.  latest update. Just spent an hour with Samsung tech and basically went thru everything. All is where it should be (Mac pro with latest update as well), but still does not works. The tech guy basically told me that Apple need to update their software to include the Samsung TV. ??? I guess this is false advertisement when it says " Airplay 2 compatible" ?? This TV will go back to Costco...

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