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Samsung Qled TV USB recording

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I have a new Qled Tv. (QE75Q70R) 

I tried to record live TV to my USB drive as I was doing on my old D8000 TV, but it does not accept.

What is required to record live TV to USB ?

In the manual, it says USb flah memory is not accepted and I should use USB HDD.

So can I use any 5400rpm HDD ? Which port should I connect it to ?


Shall I have to format it before connecting to USB ? (what type of format is needed ?)



CarlH Moderator

Hi @ilkeraktuna. Just been looking at the manual myself and a powered USB HDD is recommended if you have one. It also recommend formatting to FAT, exFAT or NTFS. Hope this helps! 

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thanks for your reply @CarlH


but it doesn't work for me. I am suspecting that this feature is not activated on my TV.

Because I don't see the record option in any menu.

maybe the firmware on the TV doesn't have the feature, or it has but is not activated in config.

So, I opened a ticket to Samsung.

Hopefully they let me know how to activate it.

I don't think that this TV doesn't have the necessary hardware for this feature. Since it has dual tuner and USB support, it should be able to record & timeshift.

Am I wrong ?



CarlH Moderator

Morning @ilkeraktuna


I'll email some of my colleagues and find out if this model definitely does record or not. Hope fully get back to you in the next few hours. 

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thanks @CarlH


I really hope it is possible somehow. It is just a matter of software.

will be waiting...


SaudA Moderator
Hi @ilkeraktuna,

This is what we heard back:

Yes, USB HDD Recording (Including Timeshift) is supported by all UK Smart TVs (2019).

If you previously had the HDD connected to your D8000, you may need to format the drive on a PC first to allow the TV to recognise it.

This is not available in Italy.

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thanks for your answer.

what filesystem should be used when using the USB HDD ? (ntfs, fat, exvfat)


also , should we see the "record" option in menu even if we did not connect a usb hdd capable of recording ?

(my old TV had the record option in any case. if the usb is not formatted, it would ask me to format.)


You say it is supported in UK and not in Italy. Which else countries is it supported in , and which ones not supported in ?

I guess it is a software feature and not an hardware feature. So can we activate it in a non-supported country ? (changing firmware etc.) ?




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any news ?


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any news ?

or any other ideas ?
maybe use another firmware ?


can anyone with the same TV (Q70R) tell me their firmware name & version if their TV supports recording ?


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