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Samsung QE55Q8FN - HDR Content Very Dim/Dark

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I recently purchased a Samsung QE55Q8FN, and was excited to view HDR content on it after seeing such great reviews on it.


However, all HDR content from my PS4 Pro or Xbox One X is very dim and not great at all.


I know a lot of people are used to overexposed images on most TV's/Monitor's, but as someone who uses a Colorimeter on my PC monitors to ensure good settings, the HDR content on this TV just seems completely flat and dimly lit.


A clear example for me was with Forza Horizon 4. Looking across what should have been very vivid scenery in the peak daylight (as seen when I turned HDR off) looked like a completely cloudy and drab day and image with HDR on.


I have ensured the option to enable HDR for that HDMI port is on, as well as having the Backlight setting maxed out, and even bumped up the Brightness setting to try and help. But it just looks so dark and dull. This is also in a room in complete darkness, where the imnage should seem at its brightest.


Does anyone else here have this TV and have tried out HDR content on it?

I have Q7F 65 and for Netflix app I needed to enable HDR+ from the TV settings to get a bright image, otherwise the picture was very dark. Possibly you need to enable this for your HDMI inputs?
Have you enabled HDMI UHD color in the TV's settings for the hdmi input? If that doesn't solve it, try enabling game mode too.
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