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Samsung Q9FN - Judder, screen tear, choppiness


Hey @Ricky8,


It's all about the source. If the source has high frame rate, you will see the video perfectly without any motion problems. If the source has low frame rate and you want to emulate higher fps, then you are at the mercy of how good of algorithms the TV has for doing that emulation.


But I'll ask you another thing.. Have you recently been in cinemas? Every single movie in the cinema looks exactly as choppy and bad (if your eyes are used to higher frame rates) because the screen is sooo big and the frame rate is only 24.


The bigger the screen, the bigger the motion sensitivity. My TV is 65 inch and this motion problem is more apparent in my case but eventually I got used to it and actually enjoy it more now without any Auto Motion Plus at all.


Try watching some videos from this channel here: using your YouTube TV app and you'll see how good it looks like, just and only because the frame rate is high enough. It's all about the source



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