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Samsung Q7FN issues....

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First of, hi everyone!


So I've gotten a Q7FN. And I've got some questions.


This TV have VRR/FreeSync support. And I have a XboxOneX that also supports this. When I have this activated I get rolling bars on the screen. Sometimes it's hard to see them. Other times it's really easy. I dont matter if it's 1440p@120Hz or 4K@60Hz. I can see it regardless. 


Here is a video showing the issue.


My other problem is a dark area in the middle of the screen. Or so I thought. If I move my head the dark area moves also. And no it's not my shadow... Here are two videos showing it. The first I'm just moving the camera in the game.


On the second I move my phone around.


And here's an image of the dark area on a grey image...




Anyone have any information around this? I think the TV is amazing in bright sceenes but as soon as it becomes dark and especially in HDR games it's not optimal at all. 


Hey. I have the same set up as you, xbox x and q7fn, and I don't have those issues at all. Let me do some checks and get back to you but your problems are very obvious. Not great


By the way, I go to and use their settings suggestions for our TV. They give a great result




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Thanks! It's most likely my TV that is defect. Thankfully I live in a country where we have superb consumer rights. Got 60 days to deliver it back. No questions asked. 

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