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Samsung Q7F & Samsung Q70R - Wall Mount ?


My 2017 Samsung Q7F started clouding recently. It has never done it before - and randomly started when the backlight was anything higher than 5, in a dark room. Samsung kindly offered me a Samsung Q70R to replace.


Although this FALD, I see it does lack a few things I had previously - such as the OneConnect box, Ultra Black filter, metal remote, less colour volume/gamut - but I believe overall it's a great screen. My question is regarding the Q70R : 


What equipment will I need to wall mount?

Does anything come in the box?


My Q7FR is wall mounted - but I believe these screws are not going to fit ?

I see someone has mentioned 8M screws on the Q70R - does anyone know what length?

Is Samsung able to confirm so that I can purchase everything before the TV is delivered?



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