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Samsung Q7F 55" brightness constantly auto up-down when watching in a dark room

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I have already tried disabling:

Contrast enhancer

Ambient Light Detection

Motion Lighting

Energy Saving Mode


Still, when I am watching Netflix in a fully dark room and the show (namely, The OA) has lots of dark scenes, I can see it keeps changing the overall brightness up and down constantly. I have not really noticed it happening other times.


Any other ideas what is causing this?


I usually keep Picture Mode on Natural


It is caused by subtitles on HDR content. Once they appear the TV increases the brightness (for white subtitle text), and washes out the rest of the image.

It has been acknowledged by Samsung, but like several other big problems, nothing has been done to prevent the issue.

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Thanks for the reply. I just realized there was a big thread about this already on the US side.

This sounds like a pretty urgent issue
It can happen even with no subtitles

All this auto adjustments obviously doesn’t work well I can’t see how it can
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