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Samsung Q70R Dirty Screen Effect? Is this a fault?


Hi Community,


This is hard to explain and even harder to screenshot - the camera does not pick it up so well! Looks worse on the TV.


I have a Q70R and was watching the Lion King (2019) which is in full screen (no cinema black bars) and thought the screen was dirty at the top during bright sky scenes.  (Its not, its only 3 days old!).  The issue is that there are grey 'smudges' at the top of the screen every 2-3 inches or so.  (Please see screenshot with one highlighted in red circle but this goes accross the top of the screen in vertical pattern with the grey "smudges" at the top).  When the scene pans left to right, the smudges remain there and provide that dirty screen effect.  Does not seem to happen on colour scenes - or at least is not detectable.   (EDIT: When performing the Dirty Screen Test you can see the issue at the top and bottom of the screen.  So its not just the top, its both but the film only had light sky at the top). 


Is this a panel issue/fault?  I dont remind going throught the pain of replacement but dont want to end up with the same problem with a new panel if this is just the limitations of the technology. 


Thanks all and look forward to hearing back. 





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It's exactly the same on my 55Q70R.. :/

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When I got my Q70R 65", I had two of these marks. I had the TV replaced and the new one has no marks.

These marks were only visible with a white/light background, however my eye was drawn to them every time they appeared which was incredibly frustrating.

Happy with the replacement and no marks.


Feels like this is a design issue with these panels. 

I got a replacement unit whichh had less of the Dirty Screen Effect but not completely erradicated. 

Its not the best of intriductions to a Samsung world.  

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