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Samsung Q6 QLED 4K TB issue?

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Bit of a newbie with TVs so pardon if I sound dumb. Anyway I love my 4K TV and have been using it for my Xbox One X. However I also have a PS4. On Xbox One I can see time information which lets me know if FreeSync is running and it says “HDMI UHD Colour” then when I go to my PS it’s fine.


However after turning it off the time information dissapears from my Xbox and doesn’t say HDMI UHD. The PS4 says it instead. So I decided to unplug my cables as the HDMI seemed to be sourcing wrong. I unplugged my PS first and now the Q6 is recognising my HDMI 1 Which is my Xbox as PlayStation 4 HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 is PlayStation 4 too.


What’s going on?

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Just tried again and it recognised the Xbox one as PlayStation 4 HDMI 1. With a HDMI 2 icon in the top left

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