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Samsung Portal T5 SSD


Hello, I've put a few films on my T5 SSD but when I plug it into my TV I get the folder, ''.

I click on this then get the folder, 'Contents'.

I click on this then get 3 folders, MacOS, _CodeSignature, Resources.


I cannot find any of the films I put on the SSD.

When I plug the SSD into my laptop they all show up.

I've noticed in the top right of the TV screen it's saying Used 40.41MB and Available 1.46MB which may suggest the films I thought were on here actually aren't.


This is driving me nuts. Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks.IMG_20191117_113918707[1].jpg

CarloL Moderator

Hey @yrebud! Best thing to do would be getting in touch with the External Memory Team to receive full technical support in regards to this. You can get in touch with them by sending an email to: .

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